Jon Garvey studied medicine at the University of Cambridge and theology at the University of Gloucester. During his medical career he engaged in both medical and Christian journalism from 1981, and was a church leader from 1987.

Since 2010 he has been actively involved in researching science and faith matters, particularly on origins, in his blog The Hump of the Camel, as well as on web forums such as BioLogos and Peaceful Science.

Discussions at BioLogos began the work that resulted in God’s Good Earth: the case for an unfallen creation (January 2019, Cascade).

Also through BioLogos, in 2010 Jon became interested in the new theory that was to become known as “Genealogical Adam and Eve,” thinking through some of its theological implications in blog posts. This interest was, at least in part, because he had traced his own genealogy back thirteen generations to Essex, England and County Mayo, Ireland, in the mid sixteenth century.

When, in 2017, Dr S Joshua Swamidass published an article on this theory, Jon began to collaborate with him, focusing less on the science than on how a biblical theology involving a recent Adam with people outside the Garden of Eden would look.

The result is The Generations of Heaven and Earth. The two books may be seen as studies on the old and new creations of God respectively.

Jon is married with three children and five grand-daughters. He lives in Devonshire, manages a couple of acres of upland meadow and woodland, and plays guitar and saxophone semi-professionally. He is also an elder in a Baptist church.