“Summarizing a decade of contemplation, Garvey makes a provocative, must-read contribution to a new conversation about Adam and Eve. After 150 years of mistaken conflict, we now know that traditional readings of Genesis can be entirely compatible with evolutionary science, as long as there are people outside the Garden. Garvey presses one step further, arguing that allowing for people outside the Garden is helpful to theology, recovering the original understanding of Genesis. Evolutionary science, in this way, encourages a coherent and grounded synthesis of traditional theology and mainstream science.”

— S. JOSHUA SWAMIDASS, Associate Professor of Laboratory and Genomic Medicine, Washington Unversity in Saint Louis.

“The genealogical Adam model is an exciting development in the discussion about human origins. Garvey uses the model as the starting point for further explorations, and he proceeds with both creativity and classic Christian commitments. The result is not so much a radical revision of traditional Christian doctrine as it is a revisiting of certain biblical themes that have been underexplored. The Generations of Heaven and Earth makes a significant contribution and it is a must-read for those interested in the science-faith conversation.”

— KEN KEATHLEY, Senior Professor of Theology, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

“Derek Kidner’s 1967 suggestion of a pre-Adamic human race, from among whom our historical Adamic lineage began, always seemed credible to me, and no threat to core biblical doctrines. Garvey’s fascinating collation of evidence from the sciences of geology, archaeology, paleontology, and genealogy, alongside his deep and respectful exploration of the inspired text of Scripture, not only renders this view ‘no threat: but also offers illuminating perspectives on a fully integrated biblical theology.”

— CHRISTOPHER J. H. WRIGHT, International Ministries Director, Langham Partnership, author of The Mission of God.

Joshua Swamidass also reviews the book, taking the earlier God’s Good Earth into account, at Peaceful Science.

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